Lemons And Cancer: Facts And Health Benefits

lemon and cancer

Updated January 12, 2014 – Lemons And Cancer: Facts And Health Benefits

Whether you prefer to take it in its raw form or in its juice form or even as a flavor in another type of food or drink, the scientifically proven link between lemons and cancer prevention will always remain intact. In other words, regardless of the form in which you prefer to take your lemon, it will always serve the role of helping to prevent cancer. To this end, people who are getting aware of this fact, in their bid to take advantage of lemons for cancer prevention have included lemons in their diet. Due to the fact that every piece of information needs to be proven in order to get people convinced about its authenticity, this article entails a discussion on how and why exactly lemons play a significant role in the prevention of cancer.

One of the main reasons behind the potency of lemons in the prevention and cure of cancer is the fact that it contains some special substances known as phytochemicals. These are substances which are produced by the fruit itself for the purpose of self-defense against foreign agents. In clearer terms, these photochemical are to lemons exactly what the immune system is to humans. According to scientific research, phytochemicals, apart from protecting lemons against infections and foreign agents are also capable of playing the same role in humans. This simply implies that they can help reinforce the immune system and help the human body fight diseases and foreign agents. Furthermore, science has proven that these phytochemicals are much more potent against cancer-causing agents (carcinogens) than the natural immune system in humans. This way, their preventive role is established.

Secondly, scientists have been able to establish a link between lemons and cancer cure. So, the phytochemicals in lemon do not only prevent cancer, but can only help to cure cancer after its emergence. This is due to the fact that these phytochemicals have a suppressive effect on developing tumor cells, causing an inhibition in their growth process. Also, being very strong antioxidants, the phytochemicals in the lemon fruit help to neutralize and eliminate free radicals from the body. These free radicals are unstable molecules which cause damage to body tissues and are also cancer-causing agents. This explains the potency of lemons in the cure of cancer.

How best should you take lemons in order to enjoy the numerous lemons health benefits? It is best that you only wash the rind and zest it. Never make the mistake of throwing away the peel (as most people do) because it contains a good number of phytochemicals. Then you can take it raw, add to tea, soups and baked foods. The form in which you take lemon does not really matter. Just ensure that you include the peel in what you take.
Now that you have known one of the many natural means of preventing and curing cancer, try as much as possible to take lemons regularly. Remember that, being good sources of vitamin C, there is still much more to taking lemons than the prevention and cure of cancer.
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