How Do People Get Cancer Of All Types?

Updated January 12, 2014 – How Do People Get Cancer Of All Types?

Have you ever at any point in time asked yourself the question, “how do people get cancer?”? Did you just answer in the affirmative? Then, this article should serve as an eye-opener for you as it entails explanations on how exactly people who suffer from cancer come about it.

Before I proceed to the core topic, I would like to do a quick recap on the meaning of cancer itself (at least for the sake of readers who only hear about cancer but do not know exactly what it means). Cancer is a disorder in which one or more cells which make up a particular body tissue deviate from the normal growth mechanism as dictated by the body and start to grow and multiply rapidly and uncontrollably. The primary aberrant cell soon gives rise to numerous daughter cells and the tissue becomes filled with more of these abnormal cells than normal ones. This leads to malformations in the affected tissue and organ. If not attended to, the growth of cancerous cells may spread to neighboring tissues and organs. Virtually all tissues and organs of the body can be affected by cancer – the liver, kidneys, lungs, esophagus, intestines, heart, blood, skin, breast, mouth, colon, pancreas, prostate gland, ovary, testicles and other tissues and organs of the body can be affected.

Now, let me give an answer to the question, “how do people get cancer?” To be factual, it is only known that cancer results from the rapid proliferation of an aberrant cell. However, it is not known what causes the once normal cell to suddenly turn aberrant. Though, research studies have revealed a number of factors which are suspected to cause cancer, it is not the case that how these factors cause cancer is known. Rather, it was only observed that most people who eventually suffer from cancer have previously been exposed to these factors.

The mostly implicated causative factor of cancer is smoking. For this reason, warning campaigns issued to the general public concerning the hazards of smoking are being intensified presently in virtually all parts of the globe. Smoking, apart from causing a gradual damage to the lungs and weakening the immune system, also causes a number of cancer types. These include skin cancer, lung cancer and gastro-intestinal cancer among others.

At this point, you may want to ask yourself (especially if you are an ardent smoker) the question, “how do people get cancer from smoking?” Well, you will get your answer. As for skin cancer, smoking brings about a reduction in the oxygen supply to the skin and also introduces toxic cancer-causing agents to the skin. Also, smoking affects the mucus lining of the lungs and also the inner linings of organs of the gastro-intestinal system. In addition, smoking facilitates the passage of carcinogens into these body parts, leading to the development of cancer.

By now, I hope you have gotten a very convincing answer to the question quoted above. Now that you know how smoking can lead to cancer, help spread the message and discourage people from smoking.

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