Common Causes Of bloating after eating anything

One usually experiences bloating after eating, it begins with a feeling in which the abdominal part of body gets tight, and later adds pain and cramps. The feeling may subside in some hours or it may even last for a few days, it depends on the severity of the situation and the root cause. Some might suffer from this condition occasionally or it could be frequent. Usually, bloating after eating is associated with the stomach pain, wind, belching, stomach rumbling and shortness of breath. And sometimes an increase in the stomach’s size may also be noticed.

It is a fact that bloating is a tight sensation in the abdomen, which is sometimes accompanied with a painful swelling. Besides the feeling of bloating, one might experience some other symptoms; and it varies from one person to another and it also depends on the root cause. And sometimes the stomach pain is radiated to another part of the body; it could be back, chest etc. Belching, burping, shortness of breath and wind might also be experienced. Generally, bloating occurs when the gas gets trapped in the intestine. And a reason for this condition could be the excessive air ingested via mouth. But normally the gas is produced by some bacteria in the intestine, as they take the food which was not digested properly.

Your body might get troubled with some particular foods, you may consult a doctor and he would tell you to cut out those foods. Bloating might also be caused by the improper digestion of food, and the reason behind this would be the improper chewing of food.

The doctors tell to improve the gut motility; and it could be done by reducing bananas, pasta, bread, eggs and cheese. Bloating after eating pasta is commonly found. And bloating after eating bread is also very common.