Boop Lung Disease Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Boop Lung Disease-Inflammation of bronchioles.

Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia also called as Boop lung disease is basically the inflammation of bronchioles present in the lungs.The tissue surrounding the bronchioles are also inflamed.The inflammation of bronchioles called as bronchiolitis leads to the formation of granulation tissue in the distal air spaces thus preventing the proper respiration and exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.According to some US study group, Boop lung disease is also called as cryptogenic organizing pneumonia.The basic cause of this disease in unknown however some of the causes of this disease include bacterial infection,immunodeficiency,connective tissue disease, radiation therapy and environmental assaults such as smoke inhalation,inhaling toxic fumes and exposure to chemical toxins like anthracyclines and drugs like amiodrone .

The symptoms of Boop Lung Disease are not specific,in some persons this disease causes no symptoms at all.In others,symptoms include persistent non-productive cough,dyspnea,flu
like symptoms,low-grade pyrexia,malaise,mild resting hypoxemia.The breathing sounds are heard upon like crackles throughout the lungs,pulmonary function tests shows diminished vital capacity.

The diagnosis of Boop Lung Disease is not based upon clinical examination,as most of the patients present with flu like symptoms.The diagnosis involves an X-ray of chest that reveals white patchy air space consolidation showing extensive pneumonia.Along with chest X-ray,chest CT scan also shows area of consolidation particularly in lower lobes.An arterial blood gas test usually shows lower level than normal blood oxygen level and spirometry will reveal a lower lung volume.

The treatment of Boop Lung Disease may take several months.Some patients may recover without any treatment.The drug of choice for this disease are glucocorticoids mostly prednisone and prednisolone.About two-third of the patients recover by this therapy.The starting dose is usually high and as the disease cures the dose is gradually tapered off.However 30% of all the patients with boop lung disease will have a relapse after discontinuing the steroid therapy.