Hodgkin’s Disease Symptoms,Survival Rate & Treatment Options

Hodgkin’s disease-A cancer of lymphocytes.


Herpes Disease Symptoms & Treatment Options

As per medical professionals, there is no such thing as harpies’ ailment; it is just another name for herpes. Anyhow, harpies are a viral infection which is spread through contact with an infected person. The contact can be both sexual and non-sexual.

Graves disease: an autoimmune disorder of The thyroid gland

Graves disease-an autoimmune disorder of thyroid gland

Crest Syndrome Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment Options

 Crest syndrome  is an acronym for Calcinosis; Reynaudssyndrome; Esophagealdysmotility; Sclerodactyly and Telangiectasia. It is also known as Limited scleroderma. The disease affects the lungs or heart, with potentially serious results. Limited scleroderma has no known cure, and treatments focus on managing symptoms and preventing serious complications. It is known to affect one’s physical appearance and the ability to perform simple tasks.

Legionnaire’s Disease Symptoms & Treatment Options

 Legionnaire’s Disease Symptoms & Treatment Options

Diverticulitis-A complication of digestive system

Diverticulitis-A complication of digestive system.

Boop Lung Disease Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Boop Lung Disease-Inflammation of bronchioles.

Cerises Skin Disease Symptoms And Treatment Options

Cerises skin disease

Common Causes Of bloating after eating anything

One usually experiences bloating after eating, it begins with a feeling in which the abdominal part of body gets tight, and later adds pain and cramps. The feeling may subside in some hours or it may even last for a few days, it depends on the severity of the situation and the root cause. Some might suffer from this condition occasionally or it could be frequent. Usually, bloating after eating is associated with the stomach pain, wind, belching, stomach rumbling and shortness of breath. And sometimes an increase in the stomach’s size may also be noticed.

Throat Cancer Symptoms & Signs: Tackling The Major Problem

throat cancer symptoms signs

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